Facebook Pages : How To Deal With Multiple Admins

Many organizations have facebook pages that are managed by a team of people, rather than a single administrator. This approach offers the benefit of spreading the work around, but also presents its own set of challenges. facebook pages how to multiple admins

One of the most common mistakes that multi-admin pages make is creating a confusing series of posts, where multiple administrators will comment on a post. To most people, it looks as if the page is having a conversation with itself. Please don’t do this. Why do you want to make your fans think that your brand is schitzo? The facebook default setting is that whenever you are on your organization’s page, you will comment or post as the page. Also, any comment on a post that originates on the page, will be made as the persona of the page. The best solution to this is to set up your preferences so that you comment as yourself when you are on the page, by default. This way, you can comment or ‘like’ posts as your personal self. I will show you how to do this step by step, but each administrator will have to complete these steps in order for it to be effective for all admins.

How Do I Post As Myself On My Facebook Page?

    • Navigate to your facebook page, then click “EDIT PAGE” at the top right.comment-as-yourself-on-facebook-page


    • Go to the list at the top left and click on “YOUR SETTINGS”facebook page how to edit your settings


    • Uncheck the box beside “POSTING PREFERENCES” Then click “SAVE CHANGES”facebook page edit posting preferences

Another tip for Facebook pages with multiple admins is to have each admin ‘like’ and ‘share’ each post on their personal feeds. This will not only spread the message to non-fans, but it will also boost the page’s Facebook ‘Edge Rank’, making it more likely that the post will be displayed in the newfeeds of the fans of your page.

It may also be helpful to assign each admin to a certain type of content. Have one person in charge of video, another images, and another to respond to comments etc.

Another option is to make a schedule for each administrator to have complete control of the page activity, either by the day of the week, or by the week or month.
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