How To See Who Your Facebook Fans Are

So imagine this, facebook changed…again! lol  I have absolutely no problem with change, provided that the new way is improved.  One of the recent changes that facebook has implemented on ‘facebook pages’ is the little link below the see who likes your facebook pagenumber of connections you have (Like This) [see image on right]  Up until a little while ago, when you clicked on this link, you would see a list of the most recent few hundred people or pages who have ‘Liked’ your page.  Now, you are directed to the facebook insights report on page likes.  Sometimes I like to see who is liking my page, and what pages are connecting to the pages that I administrate.  This is useful information that is now gone…or is it :)

The Simple Way

  1. Click the ‘Like This’ link as before
  2. You will see your facebook insights for this page
  3. At the top right, just above the graph, you will see a link that says “SEE LIKES”…click it!

That was easy, just never explained by the fb peeps.  The other way you can do this is a bit more involved the first time you do it, but you can bookmark it and always see it with one click in the future.

How To See Who ‘Likes’ Your Facebook Page

You can still get this valuable information by using this little trick to see who is connecting to your page:

  1. First, you need to find your facebook page id (skip to step 8 if you already know your id)
  2. Navigate to the facebook page that you want to see who your fans are.
  3. Right click and select ‘View Source’ or ‘Page Source’
  4. Hit cmd+f to search (ctrl+f if using a pc)
  5. Enter this into the search field: /feeds/page.php?id=
  6. Immediately following the, /feeds/page.php?id=, is a string of numbers, this is your facebook page id
  7. Highlight and copy the page id number and save it somewhere
  8. Copy and paste this link into your address bar
  9. Replace the XXXXXXXX with your page id number that you just saved
  10. Click enter


When you upgrade your facebook page to the new Timeline layout, you will be able to easily see the list of your facebook fans.  As with the former list, you will only be able to see the most recent 500 people or pages who have liked your page.  To see who your facebook fans are, navigate to your facebook page.  Scroll up the the admin panel.  You will see a “NEW LIKE” tab with a preview of the last 4 who have liked your page.  There is a ‘See All’ link, which will make the other 496 visible.  Use the drop down menu to toggle between ‘people’ and ‘pages’.

Now you have the same list that you are used to seeing when clicking the ‘Like this’ facebook link

I hope you find this information helpful!  If you do, please leave a comment below 😀


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