“Social Media Isn’t New” :: Slides from my talk hosted by Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre


I was honored to be invited to this workshop, hosted by the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, to speak about “Social Media”.  What a daunting task, to narrow down the scope of ‘social media’ into 45 minutes.  I was scheduled to speak at 10:15 am, but the first speaker chose to speak for an extra 45 minutes!  I was quite encouraged that many people remained to hear me speak, especially after already listening to a presentation that approached the 2 hour mark.  It was a challenge to pare down the content to the time frame, and remain relevant to people at various levels of understanding.  My objective was to give some actionable takeaways for everyone, and I think I met that.

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Social media represents the largest culture shift in the last 100+ years.  These platforms have completely altered the way in which we interact with each other, and how we communicate with businesses and brands.  The companies and organizations that realize the potential of this platform, and implement sound ‘pull’ strategies, will greatly improve the connection between their brand and their customers.

  I would have liked to have more opportunity to chat with those who attended.  I know there is a great need in this area for local businesses, and I want to help them to do it right.  If you have any questions regarding the content that I shared, or you have any questions about implementing social media strategies, please contact me.  I am happy to answer your questions via email.  You can also message me if you prefer a more in-depth evaluation, consultation, or you’re interested in outsourcing your social media management.  We can tailor a package that meets the specific needs of your business, coordinate training for your team, and/or completely manage your entire online marketing strategy.

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Nathan is a student of social media and a specialist in the realm of online community building. In 2009, Nate launched his first blog, CoffeeNate.com. With a budget of zero dollars, he quickly built a loyal and energized following by enacting creative social media strategies. The success of Nathan's methods prompted organizations to seek out his input regarding their marketing strategies. The fulfillment Nathan experienced as a result of these sessions birthed a new business, Zynali Marketing Solutions. Nathan has successfully developed and implemented numerous social media action plans for both local and international brands, as well as government agencies. In the affiliate space, Nathan manages the content and online marketing efforts for FMTC and Fresh Press Media. Nathan enjoys all aspects of online marketing and blogging, but his passion is fostering genuine connections between businesses and the people they serve.