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Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing…

By outsourcing your social media management and strategy, you gain the expertise of skilled professionals. Our specialists are accomplished at creating strategies to engage your clients, as well as potential new customers, while monitoring what is being said about your business across the internet. Outsourcing your social media marketing efforts saves money by eliminating the costs of hiring and training a new team member, the payroll and associated costs, and redirecting less productive marketing expenses. At the same time, you will be gaining a valuable partner that will work closely with your organization to ensure that all messaging is unified, and that your social strategy compliments your offline marketing efforts. Traditional methods of marketing are getting more expensive, while their effectiveness is decreasing. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars per year for a phone book ad, when you can allocate those funds for marketing channels that are experiencing exponential growth? You will likely spend less money by outsourcing your social media marketing, than you would with a single yellow phone book display ad. Contact Zynali Marketing Solutions for more details.

You Shouldn’t Do It Alone!

With the proper training, you can certainly take the hours per day to manage your own social media channels. There are two common problems with this approach, 1) Will your business run itself while you’re tied up with managing multiple social media sites, creating content, and chatting with your online community?  2) The second problem lies in the definition of ‘proper training’. While there are several ‘social media experts’ out there, the majority of them will do little more than create an atmosphere of spam and tackiness in the name of your brand. Greater than 90% of Facebook page owners do NOT respond to customer comments on their pages. Zynali takes a personal approach, treating your customers as if they were our own. Zynali Marketing Solutions will create a long term winning strategy for your business, and we will execute that strategy 24/7. Contact Zynali Marketing Solutions for more details.

  Outsourced Social Media Management Services

Social Profile Management

  • Especially created for business owners! We’ll manage your social profiles & online presence to make sure you get the maximum value from social media, without having to take time away from running your business.
  • There are people online right now talking about your brand and your industry…are you listening? We can monitor the conversation as well as manage your brand’s reputation.

Small Business Social Media Consulting ($100/hour)

  • We can help your business get started marketing its services online through the use of Social Media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blogs, and more.
  • We’ll show you the tools and teach you the best practices to manage these sites in the least amount of time each day to increase your traffic & drive sales.
  • This approach, while effective, will require a significant time commitment by you to implement these strategies on a daily basis to maximize effectiveness.

Consulting & Set Up

Evaluation ($500)

Zynali Marketing Solutions will evaluate your current web presence—from your website, blog, and your use of social media, video marketing, and email opt in choices. We’ll have a one-on-one call where we walk you through the results, and tell you what is working and what is not. You will get honest feedback & verbal/written recommendations!

Basic Package ($250/profile)

The Basic Set-up Package includes set up of the profiles of your choice, as well as basic networking of these profiles with each other and your blog or website. We’ll also show you how it all works, in English.

Coaching Program ($100/hour)

Need help implementing your Social Media Strategy? The coaching program is a 3-8 hour program, designed to help you learn the basics of managing your own social media marketing efforts! It includes guidance via a weekly coaching call, opportunities for Q&A, and training. The course moves at your pace, and can be scheduled in 1 hour or 30 minute blocks, in-person or via online chat/video.

Facebook Promotion Management (Starting at $500)

Zynali can administrate an effective promotion strategy to increase engagement, and expand the scope of your brand on Facebook. All you have to do is provide a desirable prize, and we do the rest. We create promotions that can only be accessed by your Facebook connections. When a new visitor navigates to your Facebook page, they are prompted to ‘like’ the page in order to access the promotion! From the entry page, the user can post their entry to all of their friends, and send an invite to specific friends of their choosing. This is an absolute must for any Facebook page, and it will significantly grow your email list, while building your Facebook following.

outsourced social media management

Monthly Maintenance Packages

Zynali Marketing Solutions serves every client on a personal level, customizing services to fit their unique needs. Here are some general packages to give you an idea of what is included at each service level. We will tailor a plan to meet your specific needs, and also provide you with a personalized quote, so feel free to pick and choose from ‘the menu’, or request an off menu proposal. There are several factors that determine the final cost of your package, but your brand can certainly start small and grow into the plan that serves your customers and company best.

Silver Package  (Starting $500/month)

The Silver Monthly Maintenance package will provide you with a detailed and personalized social media strategy, complete with recommendations for integrating your existing website with your social media profiles. You also receive 1-2 status updates/week across 2 networks, deleting of unwanted spam, addressing follow and information requests/following back & basic profile management. You will also receive a monthly status report, to measure the success of your efforts. This level of service requires a large time commitment on your part, to reach its full potential, and a proactive hands-on member of your team.

Gold Package (Starting $800/month)

The Gold Monthly Maintenance package offers all the following services in addition to those in the Silver Monthly Maintenance package. This is an entry-level full service package where we assist you with content creation, distribution, audience building, & reputation management on 3 networks. This package still requires involvement from a member of your team to assist in monitoring, messaging, and caring for customers.

Platinum Package *BEST VALUE*
(Starting $1500/month)

The Platinum Monthly Maintenance package offers all the following services in addition to those in the Silver & Gold Monthly Maintenance package. You don’t have the time, interest, or resources to personally invest into your social media campaigns. Your time is allocated to doing the large number of daily tasks associated with running your business. The Platinum Monthly Maintenance Package is a custom package created just for you and your brand. In this package, we will work closely with your marketing team to develop & manage your online presence across all applicable social channels. Features can include: audience building, reputation management, unique content creation & distribution, customer service, blog management & engaging every conversation centered around your brand, as well as creating conversations to increase brand awareness. As an added bonus, you will also receive complimentary professional Facebook ad campaigns. These campaigns are precisely targeted to make new connections, and continually tested / optimized for lower costs and greater effectiveness.

All packages are available at a minimum term of 6 months.

Blog Creation / Website Design

The basis for every brand’s online presence is an effective and engaging website. It is essential to have a site that works in concert with your marketing efforts to interconnect the visitors from each platform. Zynali Marketing Solutions will create a site that encourages interaction with site visitors, while inspiring them to share it with their social connections.  All website/blog packages include 6 months of complimentary web hosting.  If desired, you can also receive personalized training to learn how to manage and update the site yourself, saving you even more money!
outsourced social media management