Little-known Facebook Tips for Businesses #ASE16

    This blog post is a companion to my session at Affiliate Summit East 2016. Whenever I share Facebook marketing strategies with someone, a typical response is "I never knew you could do that." This session is a collection of quick tips and tricks that are effective, but not … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Amazon Deactivate Your Affiliate Account!

  Don't Let Amazon Deactivate Your Affiliate Account! Let me begin by saying how much I value the Amazon Associates program. No other online retailer converts like Amazon, at least in my experience. For that, I love them. The remainder of this post may sound as though I have it in for the … [Read more...]

How To Designate Unpublished Images For Pinterest Sharing

    How To Designate Unpublished Images For Pinterest Sharing It is a tad annoying that each social media site has its own recommended image size. The site that offends most is Pinterest. If you use a featured image that is optimized for Facebook or Twitter, your pin will appear … [Read more...]

Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Page Updates

    Stop Freaking Out About Facebook Page Updates Facebook announced a design update to their Pages product. While most page admins will not see these changes for at least a few days, you can join the waitlist, via an invitation that can be found on each page's timeline view. All … [Read more...]

Affiliate Summit East Moments, Monuments, and Memories : #ASE13

    Since 2008, I've attended Affiliate Summit West conferences. ASE13 marked the first time that I had attended the East version. It was also the first time that I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the conference. Throughout the show, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting … [Read more...]

How To Use #Facebook Promoted Posts For Good…and Bad

        How and Why to Use Facebook Promoted Posts A few months ago, Facebook rolled out a new feature for page administrators, Facebook promoted posts.  The premise of this feature is to pay a fee to Facebook, and they will distribute your chosen content to a greater … [Read more...]

27 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business

          Pinterest, the latest social network to captivate the masses, and the reason that millions of women are stumbling to bed at 3 am.  This article will give you specific steps that you can take in order to leverage Pinterest for your business.  You will be … [Read more...]

“Social Media Isn’t New” :: Slides from my talk hosted by Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

  Social Media Isn't New I was honored to be invited to this workshop, hosted by the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, to speak about "Social Media".  What a daunting task, to narrow down the scope of 'social media' into 45 minutes.  I was scheduled to speak at 10:15 am, but the … [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline For Pages, What You Need To Know

    As expected, Facebook announced the highly anticipated release of the new timeline format for pages.  They did so at a Facebook Marketing Conference (FMC), and they livestreamed the event.  While there were moments of rich content, there was far too much focus on huge brands, and not … [Read more...]

Facebook Pages : How To Deal With Multiple Admins

      Many organizations have facebook pages that are managed by a team of people, rather than a single administrator. This approach offers the benefit of spreading the work around, but also presents its own set of challenges. One of the most common mistakes that multi-admin … [Read more...]